How do I choose a blender? Blender Buying Guide

What is a blender?

A blender (also known as a liquidiser) is a really versatile kitchen appliance with a number of uses including to make soups, puree vegetables, crush ice as just a few examples.

There’s much more to buying a blender than you might think.  Here’s what you should think of when you’re shopping.

Glass or Plastic

The blender’s jug can come in glass or plastic.

Plastic is lighter than glass, less breakable (if you drop it) but it could start to scratch and discolour over time.  Plastic can also absorb flavours and start to smell over time.  Also not all plastic jugs will be dishwasher safe.

Glass jugs are heavier but this helps with the blenders stability.  Glass is stronger and heat resistant so will be dishwasher safe and better for blending anything hot like soups.  Glass is the better choice but tends to be more expensive.

Power (Wattage)

Power can be very important, if you are looking to crush ice or blend other tough vegetables you will need a high powered blender.  Generally over 350 watts is suitable for ice crushing.

Blending Modes

Check what modes the blender has.  Some will have variable speeds allowing you better control.  Also a Pulse mode is important to look out for which gives quick pulses of power, perfect for crushing ice or to give you greater control.


The question here is what will you use the blender for, if it is just to make yourself healthy drinks you may not be worried about the size of the jug.  If however you want to be able to blend a soup for 3-4 people you will want to ensure you have a large capacity Jug.

Design / Special Features

There are various special features that individual blenders may have.  These could be really useful for your individual needs so look out for.

Lids which have a removable middle to allow you to add extra foods while blending.

A tap (these blenders are often known as smoothie makers) to release the drink directly into a glass.  (These can be harder to clean)

Cleaning options – Are they dishwasher safe, can you unscrew the blades to clean them separately from the jug?


Does the manufacturer offer an extended warranty?  You could be surprised some offer as much as a 10 year guarantee.

So what should I buy

Hopefully you should have an idea now what features to look out for to find the blender that is perfect for your uses.

Here are some suggestions to help.

Kenwood BL440 Blender

Kenwood BL440 Blender

The Kenwood BL440 is a good inexpensive entry level blender.  It is plastic construction but has a large 1.5 litre jug and a smaller spice miller attachment.  Though it is entry level and has very mixed customer reviews on Amazon.  Click here to read more and buy

Marco Pierre White by Russell Hobbs 14331 Blender

Marco Pierre White by Russell Hobbs 14331 Blender

The Marco Pierre White blender is designed by Russell Hobbs as part of the Marco Pierre White range.  A step up from the Kenwood it has a Glass jug and a design which could look good left out on your counter.  Click here for more information and to buy

Kenwood kMix BLX510 Blender

Kenwood kMix BLX510 Blender

The kMix is is Kenwoods latest range of quality kitchen tools.  Made from a strong aluminium construction and available in a variety of appealing colours.  Click here for more information and to buy

KitchenAid Artisan KSB52BNK Blender

KitchenAid Artisan KSB52BNK Blender

We’ve said you should get the blender which best suits your uses, but if you can its very nice to own the best!  We believe we’ve saved the best until last!  The Kitchenaid Artisan blender.  Available in several colours.  It is a heavy duty construction with a metal base and Strong glass jug, but still looks great.  Even better KitchenAid guarantee their blenders for three years.  Click here to find out more and buy.

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