Phillips Senseo HD7814 in Black

The Philips Senseo is a pod coffee machine.  It uses unique Douwe Egberts coffee pods (one per cup of coffee) that are specially designed for the Senseo machine you can have the perfect cup of coffee with the same great taste every time at the press of a button!  Also using pods contains the coffee grounds, making it easy to clean.

Phillips Senseo HD7814 Black

Phillips Senseo HD7814 Black

More than 10 years in development and market research, the patented Senseo coffee-brewing system automatically uses the right amount of water and ensures that the water passes through the Senseo coffee pods quickly and evenly, maximizing the flavour from the coffee bean.

The brewing process guarantees a perfect cup of fresh coffee within a minute every time. Delicious crema layer holds aroma and taste in each cup. Thanks to the wonderful brewing system that lets the water flow through the filter at the correct pressure and speed.

Product Features

  • 1 cup, 2 cups or a mug of SENSEO coffee freshly brewed in under a minute
  • Always the right balance between coffee and water
  • Full smooth taste with delicious crema layer
  • Simple to use and easy to clean.

Phillips Senseo Coffee Maker HD7814 in Black

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