Waist Disposal: The Ultimate Fat Loss Manual for Men

As soon as we saw the title of this book we just had to get a copy to review.  “Waist Disposal: The Ultimate Fat Loss Manual for Men.” This is a diet / fat loss book with a difference, its for men!

The Author Dr. John Briffa is a prize-winning graduate of the University College of London School of Medicine. He has successfully treated thousands of patients using unique individualized nutritional approaches that form the basis of this book, and is listed by Tatler magazine as one of the UK’s top doctors.  A regular contributor to newspapers and magazines, Dr. Briffa has been a recipient of the Health Journalist of the Year award. Author of five other health titles, he lectures internationally to corporations, members of the public and health professionals, and is a regular guest on TV and radio.

The book is split into chapters which both explain the issues around dieting, foods, and giving you clear instructions on what to do.

The chapters are..

  • Toxic Waist – Why your expanding waistline is more than just an eyesore
  • The Calorie Trap – Why counting calories is a waste of time
  • Carb Loading – The real reason people fat
  • Fat Chance – Why eating fat isn’t fattening
  • Let them eat steak – Why protein is key for fat-loss success
  • Satisfaction guaranteed – Effective strategies for losing fat without feeling famished
  • Sound Bites – What to eat for fast fat loss and optimal health
  • Liquid Assets – The best beverages for weight and well-being
  • Make a meal of it – Recipe’s, meal plans and practical tips for healthy eating success
  • Muscle Bound – How to get fit and toned in just 12 minutes a day
  • Mind Matters – How to harness the power of your mind to transform your body.

This book is a great practical read.  John Briffa clearly explains the reasoning behind his advice and gives the reader a good grounding on healthy living.  There are 27 varied recipes which are also made in to food plans to help you on your way.

If you’ve read Waist Disposal, leave a comment below with your thoughts.

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