The New Home Larder – Cookbook Review

The New Home Larder

The New Home Larder – The Essential Store cupboard Makeover is the book by Judith Wills.  She has previously written the bestseller The Food Bible and is a regular contributor to several newspapers.

The New Home Larder is about traditional foods and the “return” of the larder, since a well stocked larder should be the cornerstone of a traditional kitchen.  The book is split into three main parts.

Part One – Your Larder

The first part of The New Home Larder covers the larder itself, this 96 page section is a detailed look at all you need to know to set up and maintain a larder.  Judith Wills starts with the reasons for having a larder, which can include

  • Saving time
  • Saving Money
  • Allows Health eating

It goes on to look at all the ingredients you should have in a larder, these are clearly separated into food groups, eg Grains, Pastas, Sugars, Nuts, and many more, for each item she briefly discusses what it is and it’s charactheristics / benefits.  This provides a clear guide to setting up a larder and stocking it.

Judith then goes on to write about the practicalities of a larder, cleaning, re-stocking and the nutrients that a larder can provide.

Part Two – The Recipes

The next 120 pages are devoted to recipes, each recipe gives a clear list of ingredients a serving number and clear and concise instructions.  Additionally the recipes each have tips of how you can vary them, substitute ingredients and more, this is great for more adventurous chef’s who want to experiment on a recipe.

The reciepes are split into the following sub chapters.

  • Quick Snacks and Starters
  • Easy Suppers
  • More Leisurely Meals
  • Salads and Side Dishes
  • Preserves, Chutneys, Sauces and Pastes
  • Bottling, Drying and Pickling
  • Puddings, Cakes, Breads and Biscuits
  • Festive Occasions and Gifts

Part Three – The A-Z of Ingredients

Don’t you hate it when you find a recipe you desperately want to try but you can’t find the ingredients, well fear not as the last part of The New Home Larder gathers together internet resources on brands, where to buy, and other store cupboard tips.


The New Home Larder is much more than a regular recipe book.  It is a guide to a traditional way of living, living with a larder.  Readers will discover new exciting foods to stock their larders with and common sense instructions on how to maintain and stock the larder.  The recipes are wide and varied and will cover all tastes.  If you want to cook yourself more, The New Home Larder is an essential book to help you stock your Store cupboard so that you can never be short of cookery ideas or healthy home cooked ingredients again.

If you’ve bought The New Home Larder leave a comment and let us know your favourite recipe or your must have larder ingredient!

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