The Hairy Bikers’ Perfect Pies


This is the definitive Pie Bible from the Kings of Pie, The Hairy Bikers. In their culinary homecoming, Si and Dave celebrate a dish close to their hearts. This beautifully illustrated cookbook brings together the Great British classic in 150 brand-new recipes. Featuring an extraordinary range of pies – from the sweet and savoury, deep and small, and to the pies that are puddings – The Hairy Bikers will inspire you to coo and share the mighty dish with the ones you love. With top tips on pastry, the failsafe methods, the secrets and the cheats, the boys will teach you how to choose the right type of pastry and filling for any occasion. Learn the rules of pastry making and how to add the right pickles, relishes and sauces to make your pie an unforgettable dish. And of course, how to make the most of those little left over bits and turn them into delicious cheese straws, jam tarts and turnovers. This is a heart-warming, delicious and nostalgic recipe book that can be enjoyed by families, friends and fans of the nation’s favourite dish.

The chapters are split into Double crust pies, Handheld pies,Top crust pies, Open topped pies and tarts, Plate pies, Party pies, Raised and freeform pies, Fancy pies and suet puds, Sides salads and sauces, Leftovers and The basics.

Click to read more and buy Perfect Pies at Amazon

Click to read more and buy Perfect Pies at Amazon

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