Nigellissima – The New Italian Series from Nigella

Nigellissima is the word on everyone’s lips, you can’t have failed to see the trailers for Nigella Lawson’s new six part series in which has been trailing on the BBC.

In Nigellissima Nigella Lawson aims to bring the spirit of Italy to your kitchen and plate using ingredients available in all British Supermarkets, I must say that this really caught my attention, how many times have you found a recipe you’d love to try but just can’t find that essential ingredients anywhere!

Nigella said: “When I went to live in Italy when young, I said I’d do anything but clean lavatories; as a chambermaid in Florence, that is what I ended up doing! But I also learned about real Italian food, and by the time I’d left I had found my spiritual and gastronomic home.

“I wanted to make a series of my sort of Italian food, inspired by the ethos and the ingredients but fused with the way we live our lives, here, in the UK. I care about ease and accessibility, but I care most about passion and taste and it is these crucial Italian factors, I want to bring to the table and the television!”

The series starts Monday 24th September on BBC 2 at 20:30 and runs for 6 episodes

As we’ve come to expect from all good TV Series there is a matching book to accompany the series,

The publisher describes the book as –

“Nigellissima” takes inspiration from Italian cooking to bring the spirit of Italy into the kitchen and onto the plate, pronto. At the heart of Italian cookery lies a celebration of food that is fresh, tasty and unpretentious; Nigella Lawson reflects this in recipes that are simple and speedy, elevating everyday eating into no-fuss feasts. Italian food has colonised the world.

“Nigellissima” shows us how and why in over 100 delicious dishes – from telephone-cord pasta with Sicilian pesto to the crustless Meatzza, from Sardinian couscous to Venetian stew, from penne to papardelle, from ragu to risotto, from Italian apple pie and no-churn ices to panna cotta and sambuca kisses – in a round-Italy quickstep that culminates in a festive chapter of party food, with an Italian-inspired Christmas feast as its mouthwatering centrepiece. From the traditional to the unfamiliar, here are recipes to excited the taste buds and the imagination, without stressing the cook. Nigella’s gastronomic heart is in Italy, and in this new book she conjures up, with passionate relish, the warmth, simplicity and directness of Italian cooking, with an Anglo-twist. Illustrated with gorgeous photographs to instruct and delight “Nigellissima” is accompanied by a major new BBC TV series.

And here’s what Nigella has to say in her own words

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What are your thoughts on Nigellissima?  Leave a comment with your thoughts on the TV Series and Book, let us know which recipes you’ll be trying!

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