Cookery School

This is a learn-to-cook book for everyone, whether you are a complete beginner in the kitchen or you want to advance your skills. Enrolment in “Cookery School” is simple – buy the book and work your way through each chapter. Containing over 100 recipes and skills covering all the techniques you need to master along the way, the book is made up of five chapters: Starters, Fish, Meat, Puddings and Super Advanced. Each week on Cookery School, the students will master recipes from each of these areas, and you can cook along with them using the book. The recipes are ordered from Basic through to Intermediate and on to the most challenging Advanced level. All the dishes are aspirational, even the most basic ones, from Griddled Leeks with a Honey and Mustard Dressing, to Pan-fried Beef with Tarragon and Chervil Sauce and Baked Beetroot or Clam Chowder with Mini Garlic Bread Loaves, these are dishes that you will be proud to cook for your family and friends, for everyday or special occasions.

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