Come Dine with Me, How to throw the Perfect Dinner Party

Come Dine with Me, How to throw the Perfect Dinner Party

Come Dine with Me, How to throw the Perfect Dinner Party

The Channel 4 TV show Come Dine with Me and it’s Celebrity spin off have released a book for all of us aspiring for the perfect Dinner party.  Subtitled “How to throw the Perfect Dinner Party” this is much more than just a recipe book.

Planning the Party

The first 60 pages of the book focus on the planning of a dinner party, it may sound easy but the book makes you sit back and think what recipes complement each other, difficulty, timings and little hints such as keeping track of what you’ve cooked for who in case they come around again!

But planning a party isn’t just about food, this section of the book reminds you to think of drinks, how clean your house is, setting the table, and common cookery mistakes to avoid.  Even a few tips for being the perfect host or guest.

The Recipes

The final 130 pages show winning recipes from the series, split into starters, mains and desserts.  Plus the top ten winning recipes.  The recipes contain a clear list of ingredients and simple numbered instructions.  The only negative is that not all recipes have accompanying images of the dish and while they have clear cooking times there isn’t an overall preparation time, but I suppose everyone cooks at different speeds.

My favourite recipes

Some of my favourite recipes from the book are


  • Latkes & grilled vegetables with goats cheese and a basil oil
  • Chilled Melon with parma ham parmesan cheese and rocket
  • Slow cooked chilli with nachos


  • Vegetable Mossaka
  • Jamaican Chicken
  • Filet of Beef in wild mushroom sauce with potatoes dauphinoise & spinach


  • Spiced orange chocolate cheesecake
  • Warm banana tarts served with ice cream & rum
  • Hot chocolate fondant with a lemon pot & raspberry coulis.

To be honest I had trouble getting them down to just three favourites (especially the desserts).  If you’re planning a dinner party this is a great book to have to hand for fantastic recipes from the TV series and good tips to ensure your party is a success.
Now I just need to find more excuses for dinner parties!

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