Which Spiralizer should I buy?

Spiralizers are in fashion at the moment, but we think its more than just fashion, they’re here to stay, as they offer a great way to incorporate veggies as part of your meal.  But which spiralizer to buy?  There is a dazzling choice on the market, so we’ve made it easy and present below our round-up of spiralizers.

Spiralizers can be split into 3 main categories – The Handheld Spiralizer, The Horizontal Spiralizer, The Vertical Spiralizer.

The Handheld Spiralizer

Handheld Spiralizer

A handheld Spiralizer is essentially a pencil sharpener for veggies, the Gefu 13460 pictured above has 2 ends, which each have a different sized Julienne blade on them allowing for 2 different thicknesses of spiraled veg.  You would hold this in your hands and twist the vegetable into it, as you come near the end you can attach a “handle” to the end of the veg which allows you to cut a bit more of the veg.

Pros –

  • Small – Around the size of a can of beans, so easy to store

Cons –

  • A limited amount of Vegetables will fit in it – Courgettes and Carrots mainly
  • Only a Julienne Blade

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Horizontal Spiralizers

Horizontal Spiralizer

A Horizontal Spiralizer is the most common spiralizer, most types have interchangeable blades which means you can slice veg in a variety of ways, as these are flat plates rather than “pencil sharpeners” you can fit a wider range of vegetables into them.  The Muller Spiral-Pro pictured has four blades that cut flat ribbons or spiral noodles in four widths, from angel hair through to thick spirals, plus a metal skewer to make accordion cuts


  • Fits wide range of vegetables
  • Multiple blade attachments
  • Removable blades make it easier to clean


  • Takes up a fair amount of counter space

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Vertical Spiralizers

Vertical SpiralizerBroadly the same as a horizontal spiralizer but vertical, this gives one major difference, gravity helps you to keep the vegetable against the blade to get longer continuous spirals.  The Cuisique Premium Spiralizer pictured has 8 functions in 1 which include Slicer, Fine and Course Julienne, Grater/Shredder, Juicer, Mandolin.


  • interchangeable Blades
  • Vertical so less effort to slice than other Spiralizers


  • Limited space in Collection Pot below
  • Takes up a lot of Counter space.

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So there you have it the three different types of spiralizers, each has their place in the kitchen, with differing pros and cons.  In our eyes though if you have the space a Vertical Spiralizer gives the best results for the least effort.  Happy Spiralizing!


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